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Getting started

I got really excited when I got the idea to start a blog. I love writing and it means I can work from home on my own schedule. But I struggled trying to decide what to write about. I had a couple vague ideas, but none of them got me as excited as the blog itself did. I don't want to have to make myself sit down and write about something, I want to want to write, otherwise I won't enjoy it.

I'm still not quite sure the direction I want to go, but I am still actively trying to figure it out. But all the waiting made me feel like I already stopped before I even got started. So why not just go ahead and start?

Even with this being the first post, I guess I see this as a kind of update on my progress. This is me ripping off the band-aid and just getting started without worrying about the perfect introduction post. There isn't such thing as a perfect first post.

Even just this simple little update makes me feel good. I feel like it's a step forward, motivation to keep myself from walking away just because I'm still figuring things out.

More to come.


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