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Meet Lainey

New blogger

First things first, despite being in my 20s I am new to building and having a blog, so please bear with me as I figure everything out. I have a couple ideas of what I would like to blog about, but like I said, I am still finding my footing with all of this so it may take a little time before things are on steady ground. Slowly but surely we will figure this out!

While I am new to blogging, I am no stranger to writing. I love it. My creative writing classes were my favorite part of college and taught me some great skills that I am sure will be helpful with this blog. Maybe eventually I will even share some of my writing (my short stories and such, not just blog posts), we will just have to see!

Along with writing, I am just slightly (very) addicted to reading. One of the things I am thinking of doing with this blog is reviewing books, and maybe movies too. 

Travel is another thing I seem to always be doing. Sharing my experiences is something I think could be fun too.

Like I said before, I know my plans aren't exactly solid but I figure the best way to do this is figure it out as I go. I look forward to it, and I thank you for doing this with me!

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